Our Mission

At FOAG, we are straightforward. Our mission is to help improve the lives of people in rural Uganda.

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None of our Trustees are paid, we are all volunteers with a shared passion for the country. We invest your donations directly into our projects, working with our Ugandan partners for an immediate benefit on the ground.  

We are not political, not religious. We don’t lobby governments or try to replicate the big NGOs.

We go into the field and down the dusty tracks. Since 1981, we have built longstanding relationships with people dedicated to improving the lives of individuals who have nothing or next to nothing.

As trustees we visit our Ugandan partners and project leaders frequently, usually every year and usually at our own expense. We get to know them and trust them, and they trust us.

While we do not profess to solve all of Uganda’s problems, we have discovered that little-by-little, with the generous support of our donors, we can continue to improve the lives of individuals. That’s our mission.

“In the last analysis it is the people of Africa who will have to make it on their own, and in their own way, and all we can do is to try to understand the problems they face, and help them, if we can, to make the very most of their limited resources….. I do think that the best way to spend money in Uganda and other poorer countries is to send directly to someone working in the field.” – from the diary of surgeon John Ross, after working for five years in a hospital in Tororo, Eastern Uganda.