Supporting rural families since 1981

Investing in people

We are committed to improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable families in rural Uganda. We help farmers to grow more and waste less food, we invest in children's education and we support healthcare for youngsters with physical and mental disabilities. All of our projects are implemented on the ground by our superb Ugandan partners

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We have 40 years experience in rural Uganda and reach areas where others can't

Meaningful impact

Working with Ugandan Partners

Working with Ugandan Partners

to improve farmers output and income

Working with rural families

Working with rural families

to imprrove their health, education and food security

Improving farmer livelihoods


FOAG supports farmers to grow more food in harmony with nature and to reduce food waste to improve food security

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Creating a better future for rural Ugandans


FOAG is helping to educate children in schools as well as sponsoring individual students in their secondary and tertiary education, including technicians, teachers and nurses.

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Working for affordable healthcare for all


FOAG aims to support healthcare, whether by provision of equipment or funds, typically for corrective surgery for disabled children. This is in addition to healthcare training for future nurses in Uganda.

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We keep our overheads and administration to an absolute minimum so that
over 93% of all donations

Go directly to our projects on the ground