About Us

  • We are a registered charity that works to alleviate poverty in rural areas in Uganda.
  • We rely on donations for our work.
  • We work closely with our partners in Uganda to ensure we make the most value of your donations.

Our Impact

  • Since 2006 more than 1,000 farmers have increased their production by using oxen and ploughs paid for through FOAG loans.
  • On average farmers with oxen and ploughs have doubled their production and income. This has helped pay for health, education and food for 6,000 family members.
  • Every year we estimate our Grow More Food project can generate up to £250,000 for the local economy (this would take us years to fundraise!).
  • Since 2009 we have stored 50 tons of maize as part of our Waste Less Food project.
  • The community food store has provided discounted maize to over 500 vulnerable families.
  • In over 30 years our Community Projects have helped over a 1000 mentally and physically disabled children to access essential healthcare and education.


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