Spring Appeal 2013


Budaka is a very busy place with 74 residential children and over 50 dealt with on an outreach basis. At the moment the only source of water available in the Home is a single hand operated water pump and many staff and children hours are spent each day pumping and distributing water. FOAG wants to install a rain water collection and distributioon system that will cost nearly £10,000. It has reserved some money for this activity but still need to raise the majority of it before the work can start.

Water is such an important daily requirement. An adequate, reliable, easily accessible supply of clean water has a dramatically beneficial effect on health. This in turn improves the quality of life of families and saves on the healthcare budget.

Your Committee is so concerned about the situation at Budaka that it has decided to launch an Appeal for the balance of the money. It is very conscious of the current difficult economic situation but asks you to be as generous as possible so that the Children at Budaka can have what we all take for granted — clean running water.

Please donate either here today through our website or by downloading our appeal letter on this page.

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