My first experience of volunteering for FOAG

04 Dec 2015

Find out how Jacob was inspired when he volunteered for FOAG:

"After completing my degree in Geography I decided that if I wanted to work in
International Development I needed to get some experience in the developing world. With speaking to Iain Patton (Chair of FOAG) and reading about FOAG, I felt that the work they were doing was extremely important and wanted to get involved. My major focus whilst in Uganda was on the MTCEA Oxen Scheme within the Iganga district, spending 6 out of my 8 weeks there. The scheme involves loaning out oxen to farmer groups that pay back the loan with interest within 18-24 months.

With the 3 groups that we visited that have finished the scheme on average the farmers had seen a 4-6-fold increase in annual income. In interviewing the farmers they spoke about how about much healthier and happier they and their families are, they are benefiting both economically and psychologically. The best part of the oxen scheme is that it is allowing people to help themselves making them less dependent on aid, which is what the development community should be doing. Though we mainly interviewed the head of the households, it was clear to see how the scheme was impacting the entire family, who now have more time for education, health care and even leisure.

Despite the success of the scheme there is still plenty of work to be done with the finite resources available, we need your help if we are to reach more people and continue the good work. Overall I think the work that FOAG does is vital in fight against poverty it is clear that after 34 years they have not lost their desire to help."

Jacob Godber

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