Grow More Food

Grow More Food


The Project

This project is a simple but effective way to help thousands of rural Ugandans improve their standard of living.

There are 4 important steps in the cycle:

  1. We work with our local Ugandan partners to identify subsistence farmers who want to expand their production to increase their income and standard of living.
  2. The farmers form into small groups and take delivery of two oxen and a plough – funded by our FOAG donors in the form of a loan. The farmers are trained how to handle the oxen and plough to increase their production.
  3. Over the proceeding two years the farmers are able to save enough money from the increased production to repay their loan to FOAG.
  4. The money is recycled to a new group of farmers to purchase their own oxen and plough, and the cycle continues.

Why do farmers want oxen and ploughs?

No more backbreaking work. Farmers no longer have to rely on backbreaking and labour intensive work – often done by women and children – as the oxen are used to plough the land.

Crops planted on time. Farmers no longer miss the vital window to plant their seed ahead of the rain – with the oxen they are quick to prepare the land.

More food produced. The size of the farm is no longer governed by how much land can be ploughed by hand, with the oxen they can double the amount of land they farm leading to a massive increase in production.

Incomes increased.  With greater production farmers can give their families a better life. Not only are they food secure, they can also sell excess produce into the local markets. The money raised can then be used to pay for the health and education of their family.

The Future

Uganda’s farmers need your help

Thanks to the generous giving of FOAG donors we have supplied 170 oxen to over 200 farmers over the past 7 years to bring increased living standards for thousands of Ugandans.

But we want to expand the scheme and help thousands more.

Please help us. Click here to donate.

MTCEA is the Multi-Purpose Training and Community Empowerment Association. The organisation is based in Iganga, Uganda. It’s mission is to promote basic adult learning for men and women and empower resource-poor farming communities.

Project Co-ordinator:

Michael Bentley

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Project Co-ordinator:

Nabil Jamous

Lebanese born Nabil is an IT professional running and managing his own company specialising in systems for Blue-Chip organisations. Nabil joined th...

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