Calling for medical students

15 Jan 2016

Are you a UK based medical student who would like to experience healthcare in Uganda? Then Kumi are keen to make links with you - if this strikes a chord please do get in touch.

Kumi Hospital, a former leprosy hospital is a private not-for-profit general hospital in the east of Uganda. It provides vital health services for the local community from nutrition education and HIV/AIDS care and treatment to maternity care and orthopedics.

Kumi has successfully negotiated a very difficult turnaround from a few years ago where it was facing bankruptcy, had lost most of its donor funding along with its most senior doctors. FOAG stuck with the hospital and today Kumi Hospital is thriving. The Medical Director Robert Olupot, a Kumi local, has returned to the hospital where he started as a junior before working in western Uganda and then on the Mercy Hospital Ships. During our recent visit we were impressed to see that the hospital had integrated a computerised database system to monitor patients and built a new maternity wing. The hospital had even been approached to make prosthetics, an area for which they are renowned, for a hospital in South Sudan.

FOAG is a relatively smaller donor in the context of the overall Kumi Hospital budget, though the partnership is important. Kumi has recently signed an agreement with the Kiwoko nurse-training project, a FOAG project, to supply nurses to the hospital. The hospital also carries out many of the corrective surgeries for the children of the Budaka, Butiru and St Francis Cheshire Homes which FOAG also support. Kumi still needs help and FOAG is busy trying to source medical equipment to send out to the hospital where much of the equipment being used is very dated. If you know of any equipment then please get in touch.

FOAG would like to say a big thank you to Ruth Dugdale and staff of the Solihull Hospital for their generous donation of redundant ECG equipment for the hospital, which was very gratefully received.

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