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More than 1 in 5 rural Ugandans are living below the poverty line today. This is unacceptable. But we can help. It is estimated that growth in agriculture is at least twice as effective in reducing poverty as growth in other sectors. Figures also show that 30 per cent of all food produced in Uganda is lost due to poor post-harvest handing and inadequate storage. Our mission is to help farmers to grow more and waste less food.


With your support, we make affordable loans to groups of families where rural poverty is at its worst. Our FOAG enterprise loans help them grow and store more food. This way we can transform the lives of thousands of families where children are getting food, medicine and an education. And because our FOAG enterprise loans are repaid, your donation can be reinvested to lift yet more rural families out of poverty.

Alongside our enterprise projects we have a proud history of supporting education and health professionals and in particular helping disabled children to access essential health-care and education. We have transformed hundreds of lives. Long term we think we can do even more by supporting enterprising Ugandans build their rural economy and be able to afford education and health-care when they need it.

We know that the best way to bring about permanent change is to work with local experts. That’s why we work with partner organisations in Uganda who share our passion for change. Our partners are community based organisations who use their local knowledge to organise, train and support groups of local enterprising people.

By visiting all projects once a year, we ensure that your money goes where it is meant to go, right there on the ground to make the biggest community impact.

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What We Do - Investing in Families

Investing in Families

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