Summer 2014 appeal


Subsistence farmers produce 80% of the food in Africa so they make a critical contribution to the continent and for over 30 years, FOAG has been supporting these farmers in rural Uganda.

Initially FOAG began supporting MTCEA with five pairs of oxen and ploughs and a method of training the animals. This proved very successful and in 2008 FOAG started a three year programme of supplying oxen and ploughs with the farmers repaying half the costs. Money repaid being reinvested in the scheme. Over 100 pairs of oxen and ploughs were supplied and it is estimated that this changed the lives many hundreds, nay thousands, of rural farmers. Before the oxen arrived a whole family would spend the six week planting session preparing and sowing about one acre of ground – only sufficient to just about feed the family between harvests.

Now the same farmer is planting up to four to five acres in a two week period
Please complete below and has produce to sell at the market. Children can now go to school, medical bills can be paid and the farm can be developed. In short these families are now set up for life.

Since 2011 a new scheme has been introduced whereby farmers now repay the full cost of the animals and ploughs, the cost of training and all overheads. Repayments are being made on time and the scheme goes from strength to strength. Farmers who have repaid their loans are now looking to further develop their activities with milling their produce and other enterprises.
FOAG’s strategy has changed over the years from one of mainly free provision to a system of repayable loans. In this way money is recycled and is used many times over to help different farmers and their families. It also helps engender pride in the recipients and provides them with a history of financial reliability.
FOAG is anxious to help even more farming families work their way out of poverty and urgently needs more capital to invest in this great approach. The purpose of this Appeal is to ask you to be as generous as possible so that we can expand this work.

Please donate using our Donate page or by downloading the appeal form

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