FOAG officially opens a new chapter

01 Apr 2016

To ensure FOAG can meet the needs of Uganda for another 35 years FOAG Trustees have taken the decision to change the charity's constitution to that of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This new type of charity structure reduces the administration burden whilst maintaining the not-for-profit nature of the organisation.  On 5th April 2016 the old FOAG charity will be dissolved allowing the new FOAG to start on 6th April. The same Trustees will be in place but the charity number will change to 1164747. The decision has been approved by the Charity Commission.

FOAG Chairman Iain Patton said, "A new constitution perfectly fits with FOAG's new focus on rural enterprise. We are proud of what FOAG and our supporters have achieved since 1981. Life in Uganda has improved for many.  FOAG's new focus of giving repayable enterprise loans to farming families to help them work their way out of poverty will transform the lives of thousands more. FOAG will continue supporting our health and education projects for as long as our supporters want us to but in time our enterprise loans will empower Ugandan families to fund this work for themselves. That is very exciting and what development is all about."

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